Our Services

Through several social, cultural, recreational, and health programs, Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Social Program Society aims to offer a variety of services to its members in a way that suits their conditions and abilities in a social atmosphere filled with affection and passion. Those services are:

  1. Offer help to the needy families of special conditions.
  2. Enhance social relations among members.
  3. Offer health and precautionary advice.
  4. Provide members with opportunities to serve their community with their expertise.
  5. Develop the ability to adapt with regard to changes occur in the society, maintaining good relations with all.
  6. Satisfy basic social needs through providing useful information.
  7. Create a convenient, social setting for members.
  8. Publish a periodical journal that serves the members.


The family is the corner stone of any community and the integrity of good families will be reflected in the society health and welfare. Hence, Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Social Program Society projects address more than 10,000 families in need to help them upgrade their living standards, providing them with all services possible: furniture, electricity, telephone services, sewerage maintenance, plus helping their children find suitable jobs.

Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Social Program Society, adopting the Islamic values, seeks to provide families of modest means, either in Tabuk city or its governorates and villages, with their needs every season. They are provided with food supplies, clothes, apparatus for schools, and more. That solidarity, indeed, allows stability, and the state of ease to prevail.