Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Project for Raising Awareness of Volunteer Work

volunteering5Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Social Program Society adopted a project that aims at raising awareness regarding volunteer work. This project indeed was derived from the vision and support given by Late Prince Sultan Bin Abulaziz. Later, his Royal Highness Prince Fahad Bin Sultan, Prince of Tabuk and Chair of the Administration board of Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Social Program Society pledged to undertake the responsibility and gave his directions to implement several volunteer programs, such as: removing the unpleasant writings on the walls of Tabuk, cleaning the beaches of Haqel and Duba. More than 3000 students from Fahad bin Sultan University, University of Tabuk, and from Public Schools helped achieve those projects. Add a symposium held in Fahad Bin Sultan University in cooperation with the Saudi Alzheimer Disease Association with a view to raising awareness about this disease. This project was organized by Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Social Program Society in coordination with the charity-oriented governmental institutions in the Kingdom.